Problem we solved

Creating a strategy to penetrate the U.S. market and drive charitable giving.

  • Market dynamics/ segmentation research
  • Value drivers/ brand health research
  • Brand platform
  • Market penetration strategy

This research and strategy allowed the company to focus their limited resources on capturing their share of the market opportunity for U.S. donations—$18 billion— most effectively.

A rhino in the sahara
Elephants in tall grass
A Tiger showing the environmental organizations animals it's trying to protect
We uncovered six distinct segments which defined a significant untapped market potential.
Targeted outreach
We segmented the market (attitudinally, behaviorally, giving potential, geographically, demographically) resulting in a more effective and targeted outreach of high-value donors.
$18 billion
is the market opportunity and amount donated annually to like causes.
Brand pillars. Awareness, familiarity, consideration, donation.
Brand Expected - Conservation and Protection
Brand Delighters. Perfect chartiy scores. Informative Website. Strong social presence. Conducts wildlife expeditions.
Brand critical drivers. Quick to impact.