Suffolk Credit Union
Problem we solved

Repositioning the brand to drive a clear point-of-difference and penetrate adjacent markets

  • Competitive and market frame
  • Brand health/ value drivers research
  • Brand platform
  • Core messaging toolkit
  • Visual identity and logo
  • Launch campaign and activation
  • Launch strategy
  • Strategic brand roadmap
  • Employee engagement

Maintained their name in new markets. Effectively prioritized their resources where they had the greatest impact. Gained a reputation for empowering their members to achieve what’s possible.

Suffolk color brand visual
Suffolk pens design for their launch campaign
Suffolk app icon to help with the competitive and market frame
Suffolk advertisement on the side of the building to boost brand recognition and drive business growth
Magazine ad to show core messaging
Logo on polo to help brand recognition with employees
Suffolk Credit Union website where you customers can do their banking and financial needs
Signage with logo for their building as part of their brand platform
Building signage and wall wraps